Ukko Mobile commercially available – the world’s first commercial LTE 450 network debuts in Finland – in collaboration with Huawei

During the Global MBB Forum 2014 which was held by GSMA, telecommunication research institute of MIIT and Huawei, Ukkoverkot who is a mobile data operator in Finland announced that they have gone live with world’s first commercial LTE 450MHz and their Ukko Mobile 4G LTE product. At the launch the network covers amazingly 99,9% of the population of Finland and as a result becomes overnight the network with the best LTE coverage countrywide. The deployment and commercial launch of the world’s first commercial LTE 450MHz network marks the 450MHz spectrums entrance into the LTE era, and it is now widely expected that the 115 CDMA450 networks across the world will accelerate their transformation into the LTE450 technology.

The 450MHz band’s emergence as the next new LTE band provides a huge opportunity when the global operators are facing the shortage of spectrum resources. With it’s properties of wide coverage  and relatively low cost deployment, it is the best solution for the wireless bandwidth deployment with large coverage requirements.

Ukkoverkot with some of the largest Finnish transportation companies like the Finnish National Railways VR Group already as its customers aims to offer its nationwide LTE service initially to the enterprise, business-to-business and governmental sectors and is particularly targeting moving vehicles and equipment as the first phase. During the next six months Ukkoverkot is also planning to launch an innovative pre-paid based family-oriented wireless broadband access service targeting especially more remote areas and temporary demand such as the 700.000 summer cottages in Finland.

– Ukko Mobile LTE 4G network offer countrywide LTE coverage and stable data connections to enterprises and governmental bodies also outside of the town and city areas. The superior coverage area of our network combined with the very low latency of the new LTE technology provides excellent user experience and enables for example remote working in entire Finland, say Mr. Antti Pellinen, CEO of Ukkoverkot Inc.

As a strategic partner of Ukkoverkot, Huawei provides end-to-end LTE450 network solutions, not only in facilitating the smooth migration of CDMA 450M to LTE 450M, but also re-using the legacy network resources like base stations, sites, power, and antennas helping to decrease the network investments.

Huawei continues to contribute to the industry development of LTE 450M standards. In 2013, Huawei, together with industry partners, made 450MHz the standard of the 3GPP LTE band, and unveiled the LTE 450M chipset and terminal. Meanwhile, Huawei established the LTE450 industry alliance and spearheaded many LTE 450M industry events.

The deployment of LTE 450M commercial networks of Ukkoverkot in Finland will lift the curtain on global LTE450 commercial deployment and bring mobile broadband service to more people.


About Ukkoverkot

Ukkoverkot Inc. is an independent Finnish mobile data operator mainly owned by it’s acting management and Finnish mobile experts. Company focuses on providing reliable mobile data connections with superior coverage as well as intelligent connectivity solutions to market segments with high usability requirements; especially authorities, companies and other demanding end customers. Company’s business is based on Finnish innovativity and we create added value especially when mass-communication solutions get congested or are out of reach.